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A Badger on the Pine
6.6.2020 v 19:00, Rosice

The stage form of this production is loosely inspired by Japanese comic theatre Kyogen, in which minute stylisation dictates the choreography andvisual form of the play.

For both adults and children
Duration: 30 minutes

Festival Rozsvícená Trojice
7.6.2020 v 15:30, HODONÍN, Kulturní dům, Horní Valy 3747/6
Pro děti i dospělé

The story is based on the ancient Indian legend about the love and perseverance of Princess Sávitrí, who rescues her husband from the grip of death.

For children 5+ and adults without children
Duration: 45 minutes

Po představení (cca v 17.00) následuje dílna stínového divadla.
Blood Hygiene
27.6.2020 v 18:00, Hlinsko

A play inspired by statements and memories from those who were affected by the Holocaust, and also by documents from that period, speeches made by Nazi leaders, and texts found on current militant neo-Nazi websites.

For adults 15+
Duration: 60 minutes

Festival Artsy Fartsy
30.6.2020 v 19:00, CHRUDIM, Divadlo Karla Pippicha

A story about the journey from childhood to adulthood. About unfulfilled desires that are soon painfully fulfilled. About a dream, the ocean and the strength to live. It is told by basswood and its puppeteers, string, percussion and wind-activated instruments.

For children 5+ and adults
Duration: 60 minutes

Festival Loutkářská Chrudim