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Bound by Grass
22.2.2020 v 16:00, MARTIN, Kultúrne centrum Museum, J. Mazura 26

A story of a naked monk, an emperor, a general and an elephant about life, death and tiny insects. A theatrical retreat from a world of chaos to a company of fragile metal puppets, noises and shadows.

For children 5+ and adults without children
Duration: 45 minutes

Angels from the Forest
23.2.2020 v 10:00, MARTIN, Kultúrne centrum Museum o.z., J. Mazura 26

Inspired by a Romany folk fairytale that Jan Mišurec told the writer Erika Manuš and she recorded it in her book Pekloneberáj.

For children 2+
Duration: 30 minutes

Frogs (Old Geezer's Dreams)
28.2.2020 v 16:00, LUHAČOVICE, Městský dům kultury Elektra, Masarykova 950

The story of two popular frog friends (Frog and Toad by Arnold Lobel) is extended through the figure of a storyteller – the strange lonely inhabitant of an old house.

For children 5+ and adults
Duration: 1 hour