Discussion with DANUŠE NERUDOVÁ and the performance CONFESSION OF A JAILOR

Provocative theatre


With the project Provoking Theater, we decided to focus not only on longer-term appealing topics but also on the most current ones. That is why we invited Danuš Nerudová, an economist and rector of Mendel University, as a discussant, with whom journalist Vratislav Dostál talked about how the president should function today and what the biggest problems the future government will have to deal with after the performance The Confession of the Bachar.

Danuše deals with issues of gender equality, a long-term sustainable pension system and its financing. Her name is also associated with a possible candidacy for the post of President of the Czech Republic. As president, she also won the Heroine poll and the President’s campaign. In November, she published the book “We Have More: #only Arrange” about economics, politics and the role of women in public and personal life.

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