Discussion with MILOŠ GREGOR and the performance PUTIN IS SKIING

Provocative theatre

The Líšeň Theater hosted the school performance Putin Lies on the premises of the Manor. This was followed by a discussion with political scientist and pedagogue Miloš Gregor, author of The Best Book on Fake News, Disinformation and Manipulation !!! . Given the upcoming elections, in addition to misinformation and Russia’s influence, we also discussed our political scene and discussed active participation in the elections.

The reaction of students of the Secondary Pedagogical School in Boskovice to the performance of Putin Is Skiing:

Although I’m not very interested in history and videos, etc., I was very interested and enjoyed this.

Well, it was so weird, I was waiting for someone to ever set us on fire or suffocate with gas.

I really liked the game and there was a very instructive debate at the end.

I liked the play, it was interesting to look at this issue through the theater.

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