Discussion with MIROSLAV KASÁČEK, LUDĚK NAVARA and ELIŠKA WÁGNEROVÁ and the opening night of the performane CONFESSION OF A JAILOR

Provocative theatre

It was sold out at the premiere of Confessions of a Jailor. After the performance, a discussion about the 1950s, unpunished crimes and their perpetrators developed in the backyard of the Leitner Club. The former Vice-President of the Constitutional Court, Mrs. Eliška Wagnerová, also discussed with Miroslav Kasáček and Luďek Navara from the PAMĚŤ Association. And if it weren’t for the closing hours, he would be talking late into the night, because there were still plenty of topics to discuss.

Premiere through the lens of photographer Vít Mádr

Responses to the premiere:

CT report Events in the regions

Review of Luboš Mareček in Lidové noviny

Reflections of Luďek Navara on FB:

“Thick line? The Líšeň Theater has prepared an excellent performance inspired by the political processes of the 1950s. Grandmother. It forces us to think. But not about the past, but the present. And that’s good. Thank you for the invitation and the excellent debate that ended the police class …”

(Luděk Navara)

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