Discussion with MIROSLAV MAREŠ and the performance BLOOD HYGIENE

Provocative theatre

The performance Blood Hygiene is based on texts from the Holocaust era, and at the end of the game, derogatory, hateful expressions of contemporary politicians and neo-Nazis are also mentioned. We therefore discussed with political scientist Miroslav Mareš the trends and risks of current extremism. “Is something as monstrous as Nazi Germany comparable to anything we witness today?” This is the first question for Miroslav Mareš, who was interviewed by journalist Vratislav Dostál. The director of the Museum of Romani Culture, Mrs. Jana Horváthová, also took part in the discussion.

Reaction of a JAMU student (Erasmus study program) after watching the performance Blood Hygiene:

“I saw Hygiena Krve yesterday evening and I would like to thank the company Lisen for the incredible work you made. It was really a gift for me. I went to theaters for ten years now and I have never seen anything like this. It opened my mind.I am an erasmus student in JAMU (physical theater) My name is Leonardo, I have studied theater in Italy and in Dimitri Academy.I arrived few days ago in Brno.One of the main reasons that brought me here is my interest in puppets, objects and masks. ”


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