Discussion with photographer MAJDA SLÁMOVÁ and beneficent theatre performance PUTIN IS SKIING /a play about the birth of a killer/



friday 24th February after the theatre performance Putin Is Skiing /a play about the birth of s killer/ in the café of Klub Leitnerova 


Majda Slámová, photographer (Voxpot) – photos and a discussion about Ukraine today and its transformation since the beginning of the war

Photographer Majda Slámová together with Vojtěch Boháč (editor-in-chief of the Voxpot platform) experienced the invasion of the Russian army in Ukraine, and they continuously report on the war. Their most recent trip to Ukraine was in January 2023 to Dnipro and Bakhmut.


Part of the Provoking Theater Project supported by EEA Funds 2014-2021.

We commemorate a sad anniversary. Exactly one year ago, Russian troops invaded Ukraine and unleashed the most destructive conflict in Europe since World War II.


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