Discusssion with TOMÁŠ VLACH in Jihlava and the perfomance PUTIN IS SKIING

Provocative theatre

On the national holiday of October 28, we played the play Putin Skis as part of the Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival. The military tent was built in Smetanovy sady, near the church of St. Ducha. After the performance, we discussed at the stove with Tomáš Vlach, an independent journalist and humanitarian worker (ČT, Voxpot, People in Need), who has worked in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine (Donbas) in recent years. We talked about how it is possible to get into war zones and how Russia affects the political and social situation of its neighbors. Tomáš Vlach described the work of journalists in crisis zones, explaining the difference between journalists from established media and independent people who take an incomparably higher risk at low financial rewards.


“… A tent for the Líšeň Theater has been set up in Smetanovy sady for a single performance and their play Putin is Skiing. great scenography with minimal props and top, slightly absurd acting performances …. ”

(Jakub Koumar for fullmoonzine.cz)


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