Discussion with VLASTA ČERNÁ and MILENA BLATNÁ for students of the Bishop’s Grammar School and the performance CONFESSION OF A JAILOR

Provocative theatre

After the performance Confession of the Jailor, students from the Bishop’s Grammar School discussed with witnesses Vlasta Černá and Milena Blatná, who experienced hardships and difficult moments in the 1950s and also showed immense courage and bravery in helping their loved ones. Because they were students themselves during the Stalinist era, they managed to explain their motivations and motives in a credible way to the current young generation. The stories of both witnesses are processed by the Memory of the Nation organization, with which we will cooperate on other activities.

“I really liked the show. The performance with three actors often didn’t work out that well, but this was more than great! The acting skills – especially the bachelor – were perfect and the scenes and symbolism were original, engaging and full of information and awareness.”

“I really liked both of them. The performance fit beautifully into the environment and space in which it was performed. I really liked the bachelor’s performance. The lecture was
very interesting. I found it great to meet someone who really experienced it and has something to do with it
to say. ”

“I was very touched by the story of Mrs. Black. I really appreciate that both of these ladies
they really came and gave us their time. ”

(From students’ reactions to the performance)

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