Paramisa (Cunning Stupid Roma) at the Líšeň sobě Festival

The Líšeň Theater revived the theatre performance Paramisa (Cunning Stupid Roma) created together with Roma artists. In addition to the performance, the theatre is preparing a Roma dance and music workshop for the audience. It will present the program on August 19 at the Líšeň sobě Festival.

Paramisa (Cunning Stupid Roma)

A gypsy-and-whiteman goulash from the Líšeň pot.
friday 19th August at 19.00, garden of Orel House, Holzova 7, Brno-Líšeň


Festival Líšeň sobě

The festival, organized for thirteen years by the society of the same name, presents the work of local artists and groups as well as guests, unites the residents of Lišeň and revives its beautiful and important places. In addition to entertainment, it also offers space for discussion about the form and management of public space.
The Líšeň Theater is a co-organizer of the Líšeň sobě Festival.

Admission to the festival is voluntary.


The theatre performance runs as part of the Provoking Theater Project supported by EEA Funds 2014-2021.

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