Putin is skiing. A play about the birth of the killer. We are playing in support of Ukraine

PUTIN SKIES. A game about the birth of a killer. In Svitavy (4.3.), in Bratislava (8. 3.), in Brno (23. 3.), in Banská Bystrica, …. https://www.divadlolisen.cz/kalendar/
We have played over 150 performances, mostly accompanied by discussions about the situation in Russia since the end of 2009. We wanted to draw attention to Putin’s totalitarian and criminal practices and the dangers they pose not only to Russia with the theatre performance. These risks are now apparent to the world.
However, even now we will continue to do our best. We are playing in support of a free Ukraine. We pay tribute to the immense courage to face insidious wars. In honour of all those who fell in defence of their country against the criminal from the Kremlin, who has on his hands the blood of thousands of soldiers returning to Russia in coffins. We play in honour of Anna Politkovskaya, a Russian journalist who precisely named the killer and paid for it with her own life.
From the entrance fee, we will contribute to humanitarian aid to Ukraine.




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