Discussion with JANA USTOHALOVÁ and the performance PUTIN IS SKIING

Provocative theatre

On the eve of the anniversary of the death of Anna Politkovskaya, from whose book The Russian Diary our play is based, we set up a theater tent on the piazzetta in front of the Janáček Theater. However, the implementation of the event was preceded by a surprising case with the Public Greens of the City of Brno, which rejected the performance on the grounds that it was a politically motivated event. Jana Ustohalová, an investigative journalist (and, coincidentally, our discussants), dealt with the case in detail in a report in Deník N. After media coverage, the VZMB commission dealt with the case again and reconsidered its decision.

The performance was followed by a discussion with Jana Ustohalová at the Desert Club on the topic: the Russian form of “democracy”, the move towards freedom, the state of our society.

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