Frogs (Old Geezer's dreams)

The story of two popular frog friends (Frog and Toad by Arnold Lobel) is extended through the figure of a storyteller – the strange lonely inhabitant of an old house.

The performance is suitable for children and adults
Duration performance: 1 hour

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Paramisa (Cunning stupid Roma)

A gypsy-and-whiteman goulash from the Líšeň pot.
A wild and energetic stage mishmash Paramisa came into existence as a creative encounter between the Líšeň company and Roma artists – musicians, actors and dancers.

For children aged five and adults without children
Duration: 60 minutes

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A badger on the pine

The stage form of this production is loosely inspired by Japanese comic theatre Kyogen, in which minute stylisation dictates the choreography andvisual form of the play.

For both adults and children
Duration performance: 30 minutes

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Blood hygiene

A play inspired by statements and memories from those who were affected by the Holocaust, and also by documents from that period, speeches made by Nazi leaders, and texts found on current militant neo-Nazi websites.

Intended for adults (15+) 
Duration performance: 1 hour

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The Pet

An experimental artistic performance inspired by the current social and political situation in the Czech Republic.

For adults
Duration performance: 70 minutes

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Projekty, workshopy, koncerty

Pavla is singing

Concert of Pavla Dombrovská´s original songs. She sings with or without guitar.
Lyrics and music: Pavla Dombrovská

For older children and adults
Duration concert: 40 minutes

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