Hide Your Chicken

Hide Your Chicken

An assortment of Roma songs, dances, jokes and tales. A collective street production made by theatre-makers, Roma artists and the audience.

Written by: Pavla Dombrovská
Director: Pavla Dombrovská
Music: romská lidová

For children 5+ and adults without children
Duration: 50 minutes

Technical specificaiton

Time for setting up: 2 hod.
Duration: 50 min.
Time for setting off: 30min.

Sound: mixing console (a small one will suffice) and PA (active or passive speakers + an amp)
Lights: 2x PC 500W

About performance

The stories that are told originate mainly from the book Romské pohádky (Roma Stories) by the story collector Milena Hübschmann who recorded the unique and raw tales of various Roma storytellers, a verbal tradition that is not bound by modern literary convention. What’s more, you can find contemporary Roma jokes and sayings weaved into the text. The play draws inspiration from a long-term collaboration between Líšeň Theatre and the Brno’s artistic Roma community, here specifically the dance group Merci and the musician František Barkoci.

Hide Your Chicken is a production that can be presented on its own or in the form of a parade, being a part of the Paramisa play, from which it derives its visual elements – a big dragon mask or wicker horses. This partly improvised theatre production, always reacting to its audience, can be continued by a dance/music workshop, expanding upon the Roma folklore tradition.