A badger on the Pine

A badger on the Pine

Japan-Líšeň farce about the enjoyment of terror.

Written by: Hubert Krejčí andthe team of the Líšeň Theatre
Direction: Pavla Dombrovská
Masks: Igor Kožený
Costumes design: Marika Bumbálková

For both adults and children
Duration: 30 minutes

Technical specifications 

  • Stage size 6 by 6 metres
  • A graded auditorium is convenient.
  • Time needed to set up: 30 minutes
  • Time needed to clear the space: 30 minutes
  • Duration: 30 minute

About performance

The stage form of this production is loosely inspired by Japanese comic theatre Kyogen, in which minute stylisation dictates the choreography andvisual form of the play.

A Badger on the Pine comes from an ancient Japanese kwaidan or ghost story about a mighty spectre. The story, originally terrifying andmystical, is shifted toward a humorous tone.