Angels from the Forest

Angels from the Forest

Inspired by a Romany folk fairytale that Jan Mišurec told the writer Erika Manuš and she recorded it in her book Pekloneberáj.

Director, music, stage, cast: Pavla Dombrovská and Luděk Vémola
Puppets: Antonín Maloň

For children 2+
Duration: 30 minutes

next performance
23.2.2020 v 10:00
MARTIN, Kultúrne centrum Museum o.z., J. Mazura 26

Technical specifications

  • Darkness, a stage of 2 x 2 x 2,5(high) m
  • Electricity 230V/16A
  • Time needed to set up: 1 hour
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Time for clean the space: 30 minutes

About performance

The set is a big, old-fashioned suitcase modified as a musical instrument and also depicting the forest. Forest creatures emerge from the suitcase and meet the small girl. She plays the flute, attracting the birds, which change into angels. She is rewarded for his music with a present. With the audience’s imagination, the branches, roots, grass and pine cones change into magical creatures.

The performance can be followed by a workshop production (birds made of sticks and feathers).