Bound by Grass

Bound by Grass

A stage meditation on the topic of ancient Buddhist writings; narratives of a naked monk, an emperor, a general and an elephant about the significance of tiny beings – growing, running, flying and swimming.

Written by, direction, stage design and music: Pavla Dombrovská and Luděk Vémola
Puppets: Zdenka Klanicová

For children 5+ and adults without children
Duration: 45 minutes

next performance
6.9.2019 v 19:30
BRNO; Zahrada Orlovny; Holzova 7
V rámci Festivalu Líšeň sobě; vstupné dobrovolné

Technical specification

  • Total darkness (like at cinema), a stage of 4 x 4 x 2,5 (high)m
  • Electricity 230V/16A
  • The maximum of spectacors is 100
  • Time for setting up  2 hours
  • Duration: 45 min.
  • Time for setting off: 1 hour minimum

About performance

The stories in the play come from The Compass of Zen (Seung Sahn) and Les plus beaux contes Zen (Henri Brunel) collections and are thematically related to respect for life. The play uses natural materials, non-descriptive metal puppets made of wires and coloured plastics. The original visual form is created by a simultaneous use of puppets and shadow play both before and behind a paper screen. The play is accompanied by a narrator and a musician playing a modified double bass and other unique acoustic instruments.

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