Confession of a Jailor

Confession of a Jailor

Totalitarian past theatrical clearance. 
The answer to love and horror memento engraved in the plaster of prison cells.

  • Written by: Pavla Dombrovská
  • Costume design, puppets and costumes: Jakub Růžička
  • Music, sounds, stage design, light design: Luděk Vémola, Pavla Dombrovská
  • Starring: Luděk Vémola/ Matěj Záhořík, Filipína Cimrová, David Tchelidze
  • For adults
  • Duration: 70 minutes


O hře

About performance

Each character in the play “Confession of a Turnkey” has its prototype in a specific person. We dedicate the play to these hidden authors – individuals who lived, suffered, resisted, and died in communist labor camps during the staged political trials culminating in the 1950s.

The production is based on contemporary documents, texts, memories, and fates. The plot of the play is particularly inspired by the fate of Monsignor Jan Podveský, who was sentenced in connection with the Babice trials. His story was recorded by Jaroslav Sojka in the book “Friend, back then I believed; today, I have everything verified.”

A detailed insight into the practices of investigative authorities was provided by the briefly imprisoned State Security investigator Bohumil Doubek in an extensive testimony he wrote as part of his own defense.

The production employs original visual elements – masks and puppets. We perceive the play as our reconciliation with the past and an expression of respect for the victims.

The play is a part of the project PROVOKUJÍCÍ DIVADLO. Supported by Funds EHP 2014-2021.

Technické podmínky

Technical specifications and requirements

  • Setup time: 3,5 hours (less time in agreement with the theater)
  • Duration:: 70 min
  • Disassembly: 1 hour
  • Darkness needed
  • Stage dimensions 6 width x 6 depth x 3 hight m
  • Audience risers or stage
  • Electricity 400V/16A
  • Max audience limit: 150
  • More information for organizers.

Media KIT

Advertising materials
(poster, programme, photo)


  • Jaroslav Sojka: “Friend, back then I believed; today, I have everything verified.”
  • Testimony of the STB (State Security) investigator Bohumil Doubek published in Karel Kaplan’s publication “STB About Itself.”
  • Historical materials related to the “Babice” trial – Research Archive ABS Brno – Kanice.
  • Publications and recordings from the collection of “Memory of the Nation.”
  • Helena Havlíčková: “Heritage (Chapters from the History of Communist Persecution in Czechoslovakia 1948 – 1989).”
  • Eva Mádrová: “High Treason for TGM.”
  • Websites: Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes, Post Bellum and Memory of the Nation (historical materials from the 1950s – trial recordings, posters, propaganda films, laws, etc.).
  • Destiny, personal attitudes, thoughts, or texts of Marie Rezková, Růžena Vacková, Eva Mádrová, Božena Kuklová – Jíšová (excerpt from the book “Verses Written Behind Bars” used for the poem “Conversation with an Old ‘Enemy of the State'”).
  • Space and history of the Cejl Prison.

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