Paramisa (Cunning Stupid Roma)

Paramisa (Cunning Stupid Roma)

A gypsy-and-whiteman goulash from the Líšeň pot.

About a Roma boy who found his true love and faced a dragon for her. Although he was torn into a thousand pieces by it, in the end, he got what he wanted. Even much more.

Written by and Director: Pavla Dombrovská (after Roma fairytales)
Music: Roma folk muic (adapted by Milan Horváth)
Costume design: Eva Krásenská, Barbora Křístková, Šárka Jelínková
Puppets and masks: Antonín Maloň a Ignác Zima
Choreographic collaboration: Monika Balogová

Narrator Filipína Cimrová
Romani boy František Balog
King, Horse Tomáš Pavčík
The Princess, the Witch (and her Sisters) Zdena Mlezivová
The Witch’s Daughter Tereza Kroková Jr.
Dragon Ludek Vémola
Horse Štěpán Vémola
Musicians (and the family of a Romani boy) František Barkoci (guitar), Milan Balog (violin), Ladislav Balog (bass), Josef Keller (accordion), Luděk Vémola (spoons)

For children 5+ and adults without children
Duration: 60 minutes

About performance

The play originated from a collaborative creative clash between Líšeň theater artists and Roma artists – musicians and dancers. Traditional Roma dance and folk melodies intersect on the stage with the principles of Czech folk theater. The play’s text was inspired by authentic, raw, and orally transmitted stories from the folk Romani storytellers, collected in the book “Romani Fairy Tales” by our leading Romani scholar Milena Hübschmannová.

The word PARAMISA (fairy tales) in the Romani context means storytelling, primarily intended for adults. They serve as a metaphor for the intricate and often unpredictable real life, where not every love story ends happily, and not every hero triumphs solely due to their own abilities. This spirit is also reflected in the performance of the Líšeň Theater.

The theatrical creation of Líšeň Theater, developed in collaboration with Roma artists, has been included in the international collection RomArchiv, documenting Roma activities, especially in the artistic fields. Líšeň Theater in RomArchiv.

It takes place as a part of The Provoking Theater Project. Supported by Funds EHP 2014-2021.

Technical Specifications

  • Preparation time: 4 hours (less upon agreement with the ensemble)
  • dismantling time: 30 minutes
  • lights according to the layout
  • Stage space: 10 x 10 x 4 meters (height); the stage must be flat and have an even, clean surface
  • Raised stage or elevated audience seating (outdoors, without elevation by agreement) 230V/16A
  • More information for organizers.

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