Paramisa (Cunning Stupid Roma)

Paramisa (Cunning Stupid Roma)

A gypsy-and-whiteman goulash from the Líšeň pot.

Written by: Pavla Dombrovská (after Roma fairytales)
Direction: Pavla Dombrovská
Music: Milan Horváth (adaptation of Roma folk music)
Costume design: Barbora Křístková, Šárka Jelínková, Eva Krásenská
Puppets and masks: Antonín Maloň, Ignác Zima

For children 5+ and adults without children
Duration: 60 minutes

Technical conditions

  • Darkness, stage sized 10 by 10 by 4 metres
  • A graded auditorium is convenient.
  • Time needed to set up: 2 hours /lights + 2 hours, sound + 2 hours/
  • Time needed to clear the space: 1 hour

About performance

The play tells the tale of a Roma boy, who found the love of his life and ventured to fight the dragon for her. Although he was torn to a thousand pieces by it, he was fi nally lucky enough to get what he wanted. And even more.
The word paramisa may be translated as fairytales. This, however, fails to capture its exact meaning. In the Roma context, paramisa are addressed predominantly to adults and serve as a metaphor for the twisted and mostly unpredictable nature of real life, in which not every love ends happily and not every hero wins thanks to their abilities.
This is the spirit of the Líšeň Theatre production.