Princess of Darkness

Princess of Darkness

Roma musicians play music, roma dancers dance.

Written and directed: Pavla Dombrovská (after folktale)
Choreography: Monika Balogová and Zoltán Tolvaj
Music: Milan Horváth, Zdeněk Lazok and Ferina Barkoci (adaptation of Roma folk music)
Costume design: Marika Bumbálková

For older children and adult without children
Duration 35 minutes

O hře

Technical specifications

  • Stage sized 8x8x3(high) m.
  • Elektricity 400V/32A
  • Time for setting up: 1 hour
  • Time for clear the space: 1 hour
  • Duration: 35 min

About performance

Beautiful, blessed and what more just! Once upon a time there lived a princess who had no equal in the world. The moon on her forehead, the stars on her shoulders.
Her name was Princess of Darkness.
Roma musicians play music, Roma dancers dance.

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