Discussion with MIROSLAV KARAS and the performance PUTIN IS SKIING

Provocative theatre

The SLON Festival is a joint project of the people of Suchdol who were enthusiastic about the idea of ​​local artists – theatergoers, Adriana Skálová and Matěj Forman. The whole event had a neighborly character. A military tent was erected in the Suchdol Community Garden with the generous help of many local enthusiastic volunteers. Their wives, meanwhile, faced a dry November afternoon with hot cauldron and freshly baked goodies. The tent was completely filled with local and cross-country performances and a discussion with Miroslav Karas, a journalist and reporter, now the director of the Ostrava television studio. The soup, goodies and the welder withstood the onslaught of the organizers, both the performers and the talker, and maintained a committed enthusiasm until late in the evening.

“Anyone who watches Putin skis will learn more about Russia in an hour than many politicians in the country over the years. Revealing and spreading the truth is current and necessary, so your work is extremely deserving. So on.”

PhDr. Miroslav Karas

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