Reopening Night of the play Paramisa (Cunning Stupid Roma) which is made together with Roma artists

The theatre performance Paramisa – Cunning Stupid Roma is presented by the Líšeň Theater in its reopeing night at the Ghettofest festival 4th june in Brno.

The theatre performance Paramisa was created in 2005 and was performed in several dance and music casts until 2015. It is a collective work of the Líšeň Theater and Romani dancers, musicians and other creators. It launched the Líšeň Theater’s many years of cooperation with Romani artists, which resulted in other plays (Hide the Hens, Princess of Darkness) and joint projects focused on Romani culture. “We are happy to return to this compact dramaturgical line, because the cooperation with our Romani friends makes us very happy and inspires us,” says the director and author of the play, Pavla Dombrovská

Currently, the Líšeň Theater will present Paramisa as part of the Provoking Theater project supported by EEA funds, together with its appellate thatre performances (Putin is Skiing, Blood Hygiene and Confession of a Jailor). “The plays included in the project are current in connection with the Russian aggression in Ukraine. Although Paramisa does not deal with a political topic, it also resonates unexpectedly with the present, because at the height of preparations for the renewed premiere, we are witnessing the disadvantage of war refugees on the basis of ethnicity, ”emphasizes Pavla Dombrovská.

The theatrical work of the Líšeň Theater, created in cooperation with the Roma, was included in the international RomArchiv collection, which documents Romani activities, especially in the fields of art.

Divadlo Líšeň:

Paramisa (Cunning Stupid Roma)

A gypsy-and-whiteman goulash from the Líšeň pot

Reopening night: 4th june 2022, 2pm within the Ghettofest festival in Brno

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